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SCAPA is a unique tool to assess the quality of a farm’s waste










How SCAPA and Fibo help Farmers

Check the potential of your company

Evaluate waste

Get extra income

Help the planet

Circular economic

Alienate with the principles of sustainability.

Get certificate and  start your process of certification and registration as a sustainability company.

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What is SCAP App?

It’s a tool that uses a platform to improve the income and likelihood for all coffee growers towards a better forecasting and better decisions of new CbP and new ways to  commercialises their crops with higher coffee quality selecting the right coffee beans.

The app is thought to change the way coffee is seen around the world. Giving coffee the real value that it has with all new CbP (Coffee by Products) and be able to be economically
profitable and sustainably viable.

Respecting the environment avoiding pollutions and wastage all together. This will help people to plan carefully their next crop checking the economic, environment and climate change risks that coffee producers face in today’s world.

their next crop checking the economic, environment andclimate change risks that coffee producers face in today’sworld.

How does it work?

SCAP App is a sustainability and risk evaluation for coffee production application that can be downloaded in apple store or google play under sustainable coffee.

The installation is for free and its use and the collection of the data still needs refining

Scapa gives coffee stakeholders a user-friendly platform in the form of mobile
and web site application to study availability of coffee production and monitor sustainability.