The World’s first app to helping coffee growers 

Sustainable Coffee Availability Platform App

The application for a Coffee industry with social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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Help improve processes

SCAPA app aims to improve the economic sustainability of coffee growers by forecasting new ways to commercializes their crops.

Through the use of  a uniquely built calculator, SCAPapp measures a crops return on investment using a farmers yield, quality, harvest and more, to identify gaps in economics waste and opportunities in sustainability,

Identify  social, economic and environmental sustainability within the coffee industry

SCAPA app was develop as a response for a lack of coherence in the coffee world, between players, sellers, buyers and consumers, and aims to give back power to those most in need, (the farmer).


Why You Need the SCAPA





SCAPA can help to forecast possible economic outcomes if sustainable measures are taken minimizing the economic and environmental risks.


Single origins and specialty coffees will have one more reason to complete in a more innovative world area





SCAPA will improve the income and livelihood of all coffee growers towards better forecasting the real situation of a coffee farm.


To help the coffee industry achieve and improve the processes and obtain new income from the CbP.